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A steampunk action film

I met Jeff Zampino, a fellow screenwriter at a writer’s workshop taught by modern day poet Craig’s Weeden . I’ve taken the workshop several times now and found Craig’s class a place of creative insight and inspiration. I have my journey with California Knights, a heart warming comedy to an action/comedy This is not a game!

Through Jeff, I met John Jones, a St Pete based director. He invited me to help out on set for his entry into the 2013 72 hour film challenge. I met John at the Lightwave Studios, in St Pete where we loaded up our gear and headed out to a location in Tampa to film a few scenes. As an aspiring screenwriter, I love the idea of learning about the other side of film, the production side. This was a great learning experience. That’s all I can say for now but an update will come soon

Jeff has been working on a film titled Skyship Chronicles and is giving me a chance to get on set and help out on the project. It’s nice to see a burgeoning film community here in Tampa Bay. Some film festivals to check out here in the Tampa – St Pete area ┬áthe sunscreen festival and the gasparilla film festival. Could Tampa be heading into a film making boom?