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It was a Friday afternoon. Charlotte and I were in Sarasota, spending time with her family. This was our last day in Florida. I remember feeling a sense of dread as the clock ticked, this was goodbye. We all knew this day was coming. We spent the afternoon sitting in Vanessa’s back yard. enjoying the calmness of the lake, listening to the birds in the sky and just being still. Being together for a moment.

My phone rang. The transport company we hired was minutes away and they wanted to make sure we were home. I got up, walked through the house and out the front door. I made my final check. Everything was in place. My contact at the transport company had informed me that we were allowed to fill our trunk and the backseat, till just under the window line.  When the drivers arrived, they said we were not allowed to carry anything in the car! I had to run to the bank and pay an $80 weight charge on top of the $1250 I was already paying.

The Volvo was gone now and on it’s way to California. “This is really happening” I told Charlotte. “We are really making the move cross-country. I was hit with a pang of sadness, mixed with excitement. For the next few weeks there will be no 9-5 office work. There will be living life on the open road.