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Los Angeles: A year in

I’ve been in LA for a year now. A year and two months actually. I have learned so many big city lessons and I feel i’ve become seasoned. I am no long annoyed by the traffic, it’s just a way of life. I know how to find the cheaper gas stations, I have my delicious food spots and best of all, I have a group of like-minded writer friends who are all striving towards the same goal.

I love working on set, i’ve worked on several tv shows like New Girl, The Brink, Scandal, Silicone Valley, Bones and so many more. My real passion, is screenwriting and i’ve taken several classes from the writer’s program at The Second City in Hollywood.

Good stuff.

Making music with Reason

Reason by PropellerHead Software is one of the most powerful music creation softwares around.  I have been using reason since the days of Reason 3 and it’s one of those things that can never get  boring.

Reason’s approach to music creation will feel a bit different at first if you are used to composing in programs like FL Studio, but a welcoming change in my opinion.  Reason is designed around the concept of using modules to “create”  your synths and effects much like you woul have racks in a physical sense.