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Screenwriter’s workshop in Clearwater at SPC

I have a passion for the arts. I love music and I love movies.  I have been exploring my passion for movies by attending a screenwriter’s workshop at St Pete College in Clearwater. We meet every Tuesday evening from 6-8pm. I love this workshop because it gives me a chance to share my writing with other screenwriters in the Tampa Bay Area.

If you are interested, you should check it out. The instructor Craig Weeden is an award winning writer who is passionate about screenwriting and poetry. Mr Weeden has written several published works and is a recognized poet.

Craig recently wrote Mia’s Gift, a middle-grade novel with his wife Victoria. You can read more about Craig and Mia’s Gift here.

The workshop is only $65. You can sign up for the workshop here.

Photoshop tips: How to Crop an image

Photoshop tips: How to Crop an image

How do you crop an image with photoshop? Or how do you resize an image in photoshop? Well, I’ll show you! This fast simple trick will have you cropping images in no time flat.

You will find that this image resizing trick is useful fro creating facebook profile images or specific image that only show a part of the big picture.

Why is cropping an image important?
  • 1. Reduces File Size
  • 2. Fit different formatting requirments

We are going to use this lovely image I created in illustrator here:

PavaroctipusWhat we are going to do is create a crop of Pavaroctipus. We are going to get a crop of his face.

Right-click your image that you would like to edit and select open with -> Photoshop

open image in photoshop

Once the image is open in Photoshop, select your crop tool croptoolfrom the tools palette on the the left.


crop your thumbnail











Crop the area of the image you wish to use, then press enter.


Pavaroctapus thumbsave for web and we are done!


I have compiled a list of tools that i have found helpful in the developement process for creating your website.

Google+ URL shortener – The google+ url is very long and not very pretty and not easy to memorize.  With this Google+ URL shortener from you can create a memorable URL, for example mine is

What WordPress Theme is that? – Find out what theme someone is using and related plugins. whatwpthemeisthat

Google Chrome Download the best browser in the world.

Google URL Shortener – Shorten and track any URL you need to with this handy tool from google.

QR Code Generator – Generate nifty QR codes for business cards, catalogs, billboards, whatever!

Sitemap Generator –  Generate your site maps for free, then upload to your directory.

Do you know of any other cool web tools? Let me know!


Free Artemide Tolomeo Micro anyone?

Free Artemide Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp

Free Artemide Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp

The company I work for is currently running a really cool special right now, basically you can get a FREE ARTEMIDE TOLOMEO MICRO table lamp if your purchase excees $1,500 USD.  If you are in the market for moder lighting, this shouldn’t be that hard to do, as most of their lights cost around that much anyway.  Not sure how long this deal is going to last, but it’s a sweet deal.


I made both of these images too by the way =)

Back in business

This is my second wordpress experiment, I found this theme so I thought I would give it another shot. Here is a video you might enjoy.Metro Station – Shake It