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Playing with the new Microsoft Kinect

The Microsoft Kinect has been out for a few months now and retails for about $150.  A friend of mine recently acquired this device and I was invited over to check out Microsoft’s new Peripheral.  At $150 bucks, the Kinect is not cheap, so why is it so expensive?  It turns out it uses two cameras and an infared sensor to capture and control your moves.

The Games

The two games my friend received were the one that comes with the system, Kinect adventures and another title called Dance Central.  Well we tried the first title and it reminded me of a wii sports  or wii resort.  Similar style of playing, basically a bunch of mini-games.

Kinect Adventures

Our first and only game we played on Kinect adventures was a game where you were in a glass enclosure underwater and had to stop leaks with your hands and feet.  Sound like fun? Maybe for the first 2 minutes, but there were many noticeable inaccuracies that made us skip all the other games on the disk all-together.

Dance Central

Dance central was the other game we played, and let me tell you, it was well worth it!  This is game is so much fun, made by a company called Harmonix,  The style of play is similar to Rock Band  where you have to match a certain rythem, but so much Fun!  You can choose from many popular dance songs, and can download even more from Xbox Live.  After about four songs, you start sweating and it gets intense.  My favorite one to dance along to was the Soldier Boy Song, Crank dat or something.  I Highly recommend this game, it is fun and also a good workout!  Good Job Harmonix.